The above heads are shown the greek (left) and latin (right) point of view of the ancient god Serapis.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Stelios, I am an Electronic Engineer and lately I have started involving with Linux and the Raspberry pi mini-computer. I have achieved to make it working as a Web-Server, so here you can see the Private Page which my RPi hosts.

Now, I almost hear you asking why Serapis ?

Just because the name came after the initial letters of my name StElios, RAspberry and PI !!!

Just  simple as that...






And if you are interested enough to see what is the Raspberry Pi mini-computer,

just click the link below.

Raspberry Pi

Next is a page with my favorite microcontroller projects

My Projects

And last is my beloved's wife personal page concerning our dear cats

and the ceramic artifacts she is creating.

Natasa's Web Page

And one of my loves. Time and watches!

Watch  Collection

SEIKO 6138 Project

SEIKO 6139 Project

Watch  Movements

Last is an external link to my favorite baroque painter.

Johannes Vermeer

Thank you for visiting my Web Page.


Please feel free to contact me at:



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